Rising Fuel Costs Not An Issue For Many Travelers

Although the cost of gasoline continues to increase across the country, a vast majority of Americans claim this will not impact their upcoming travel plans. While utilizing a payday loan to fund a vacation is not recommended, it could help fill up your gas tank for your commute to work in an emergency.

According to a recent survey conducted by TPAC, 85 percent of Americans plan to go on vacation this fall and 84 percent said an increase in gas prices would not deter them from going.

Out of all the individuals planning to get away in the upcoming months, an estimated 70 percent said they will do so by car, the survey found. Roughly 27 percent claim they will drive between 100 and 200 miles, while 21 percent will travel between 200 and 300 miles. In addition, 16 percent plan to drive more than 500 miles.

However, not everyone is shrugging off rising gas prices. To compensate for this added expense, 16 percent of travelers are slightly modifying their plans. Specifically, 51 percent said they will drive a shorter distance, while 46 percent will drive less in the weeks and months beforehand.

Saving On Gasoline

Although you may not be able to control how much you pay at the gas pump, you might have an influence on how much fuel your vehicle consumes. Minor changes, such as inflating the tires to the ideal pressure, aligning the wheels, taking your car for a tune-up and altering your driving habits can all help.

Change The Way Your Drive

Your driving habits are one of the biggest factors impacting your gas mileage. If you are prone to speeding, try not to. Not only is it dangerous, it impacts the number of miles you get per gallon.

Additionally, if you find yourself gunning the engine and braking more often then you should on the highway, this is also a habit that can reduce your fuel efficiency. To cut down on “sporadic driving,” consider utilizing your cruise control. On the highway, this can maintain a constant speed and will save fuel in most cases.…

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